Friday, October 23, 2009

Chapping my Hide

There's the willful ignorance of terms- I am a socialist, and I can tell you that Obama is no socialist. Then there's the....wait, lemme get this straight. You think our country is, how you say, going to hell in a handbasket? Paranoid? Never mind that Obama has basically restored Habeas Corpus, when it was gutted by Bush. But what really REALLY chaps my hide is the fallback position: Ayn Rand. Of all the BULLSHIT. Smarter people than I have given philosophically rigorous explanations of why Randism=mind poison. As for me, I'll keep it simple:
1. Many young folk are enamored of her because they think they've discovered something big that isn't in the canon. If they stick with their studies they eventually figure out why she isn't in the canon; it's because her philosophy is a half-baked screed against the Soviet Union (for a similar off-the-rails diatribe, see Orly Taitz).
2. But it's much worse than that- Randism/Objectivism is an attempt to repaint amoral behavior as an alternate moral code. It's a way for people with property to feel o.k. about not sharing with anyone else, and as such, it's not just a completely bald-faced case of moral relativism, it is de facto WHITE SUPREMACISM.


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