Tuesday, April 05, 2016

Ah, that's cute.

6 months ago

Seriously- follow the links re: the "White Power, Bitch!" skank in the video...her name is Kaozz Veidt, and her Faceplacepage seems to imply that she is some type of Aryan Nations rapper. That's cutting meth with cognitive dissonance, about 50/50.

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Irene Adler  Eric Steinberg6 hours ago

lol, I've never rapped in my life. That's a disgusting, trashy style of music made by and for untermenschen. I am not affiliated with AN, but I am a National Socialist. That means I'm anti-drug, by the way, since you obviously know nothing about NS. Next time, you may want to educate yourself before making assumptions.


Eric Steinberg  Irene Adlera minute ago

I can smell the sudafed onya, so no use trying to deny it. Stay classy.....


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