Thursday, February 14, 2013

jeebus effing christ on a crutch

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    • Patrick Lucatorto Love it Kim! 
    • Patrick Lucatorto Need to hook him up with our Sheriff Joe!
    • Kimberly Chisholm Simmons Can u imagine if the American ppl would bombard the white house with calls and letter and our elective officials for our state and let them know how we feel abt the second amendment as well as other things. I thought they are to serve us... I think they might start listening to the ppl that's a maybe. just sayin...
    • Kim Allen-Butler I tell you what, if someone in our community comes up with a similar plan, I will be there first thing in the morning. I have no problem going "old school", like our founding fathers. We just don't seem to be heard anymore, maybe if we are seen and very well prepared, we'd have more impact. @Pat, we love your sheriff here. Wish he had a twin brother who lived in Florida.
    • Eric Steinberg So, what makes this guy a patriot? His willingness to renege on the oath he took? More importantly, why all the waiting around? The time to strike the Federal Government is NOW! Before They take all your guns. Otherwise it's just posturing.
    • Kim Allen-Butler You have to start somewhere and the oath he took is to serve and protect the citizenry against criminals-who would have thought those criminals would be right here inside our government and intent on removing our constitutional rights, I know I don't ...See More
    • Eric Steinberg He took an oath to defend two constitutions- that of the State of Pennsylvania and that of the Constitution of the U.S. "Taking a stand against the federal gummint" makes him the criminal.
    • Eric Steinberg But again- the best defense is a good offense, no? So why all the waiting around? Why aren't all these chickenhawk fools making a play now? Could it be that his skill set begins and ends with running his mouth?
    • Eric Steinberg It's because the President is Black, isn't it?
    • Kim Allen-Butler Really? No, it's because he's a communist out to take away our freedom and change our way of life. He's anti-American and has stopped trying to hide it. He's not really black, anyway, Eric, he's gray-you know, half white. Actually more white than black because his white relatives raised him and his black father spurned him. Also part of his problem. Hope that doesn't ruin anything for you. I just want a President who understands economics and how our government works and doesn't want to be the king.


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