Tuesday, November 22, 2011

hey, #occupy

...lotta foreclosed empties in Richmond, yo.  I'm just sayin'.


tax credit for publicly accessible buildings that let homeless people use the bathroom: 50 cents per person.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Politics For Today

Here's the thing about President Obama: it's his attitude.  Before I'd ever heard of him, I had already a mental picture of a very specific response to Bush, 9/11 etc.  It was an attitude of adult relation, and of peace as a realizable goal in today's world.  And now, thanks to Barack Obama's continued stance, we have some foreign policy success: Arab Spring, hopefully a normalizing Iraq and Afghanistan.  Osama Bin Laden et al.  So, he has my vote in 2012.  I thought for a while that maybe George W. Bush had fucked up the country beyond repair...but Obama's Administration brought us back from the brink.  I do wish that he had slapped down the Republicans a little harder re: economic stimulus.  "Small Government" is the stupidest of ideas; inescapably mean and ignorant.  And the Tea Party is made of Tools.  What humanity demands is humanity- a just and benevolent, and engaged, civic mechanism.  When it works, it works for everyone- individuals, groups, across all lines that divide people.  When people seek to curtail that impulse, they do so out of jealousy and spite, or religious idiocy, or plain ignorance.  But this president brushes small ideas off of his shoulder, and only lets big ideas take up space in his brain.  I see him continuing to push for his ideals every day, and I share those same goals; whether or not I can successfully articulate them.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Yeah, I get that a lot....

....comments starting "you're the only person who..."
...such as:
"...has ever identified my instrument as a Lute, based on the shape of the case."
"...has ever asked for extra capers on their bagel with lox."
"...has ever guessed the meaning of my personalized license plate, KAR120C."
"...has ever scored 100% on my homebuilt VR lightsaber simulator."
"...has ever tied a bowline in less than a second."

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Dear Benetech

redistribute wealth. Open bank accounts for all those people that are under the thumb of oppression.


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