Tuesday, September 04, 2012


I admit it- the real reason that I like to get in Faceweb Pissing Matches is because I ALWAYS WIN!!! YAY ME!!!


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    • Lori Nelson Brown Ain't that something....
      3 hours ago · 

    • Cathy Brown if you are............................so am I
      2 hours ago · 

    • Eric Steinberg yes, Pat, you are missing a lot. Voter ID is the Repub attempt to enact a poll tax so that the poors and the browns wont go to the polls. Sadly, our constitution expressly forbids a poll tax. ID is required for the convention because it's for Democrats ONLY- not an election. But I know that you know all this, so why are you excessively coy? Should i use smaller words?
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    • Patrick Lucatorto Eric...a 'Republican Poll Tax'? First time I've heard that one. Coy? Me? Since when? Nobody, not even the Republicans wants to keep anyone who is a 'Legal' voter from exercising their constitutional right to vote. And since the Supreme Court has called Obama Care a 'Tax' I don't think you really want to go there. One more thing from this coy guy, if you want to make it personal with the 'smaller words' comment we can go there too.

    • Eric Steinberg Noap, that's exactly what it is, and dont pretend otherwise. Poll taxes are racist. The AHCA, on the other hand, benefits all Americans. But we were talking about Voter ID. Repubs absolutely do want to keep NonWhites away from the polls- and the Supreme Court agrees, having just ruled that the Texas Voter ID law amounts to a poll tax and is therefore unconstitutional.
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    • Patrick Lucatorto Guess we will have to agree to disagree on this one.

    • Eric Steinberg ‎"southern strategy "?
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    • Patrick Lucatorto I'm from Chicago

    • Patrick Lucatorto I'm really sorry you think we are all racist...couldn't be further from the truth

    • Gayle DePoli Secret service and TSA always require photo ID. Funny all large TV events require them too. And I very much oppose photo ID at the polls.
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    • Eric Steinberg I'm not calling you a racist- I'm saying that the policy is racist.
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    • Patrick Lucatorto Your view on this is something I will never understand Gayle. Eric, I just don't see it that way. Is it racist to require photo ID when you drive? And thank you for not including me in the racist group. I can't deny they are out there and always will be but I just don't see that policy as a tax or racist.
      57 minutes ago · 

    • Patrick Lucatorto When photo ID is required by law for so many other things of much lesser importance than voting for our leaders.
      56 minutes ago · 

    • Eric Steinberg Given the FACT that voter fraud has not occurred, why do we need more laws to "solve" a non-problem? Voting should be 100% free so that everyone eligible can vote. Poll tax disenfranchises eligible voters. Do you think certain voters should be disenfranchised? Which ones?
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    • Gayle DePoli Law in my state is that you show ID. Could be your electric bill. No photo required. To change the laws in states to show a government photo at this late date, many voters wouldn't get the message. Or not be able to get to a place like the DMV to obtain a photo ID. They would all be cut from the voting process. The people checking IDs at the polls arent professionals that could tell if one was a fake anyway. Most people show their drivers license. Others refuse because its not required by law. I know. Im an assistant registrar if voters in this town. Would you be willing to have the states absorb the cost of printing non-drivers license for all those that need a photo ID? Because for the electorate to pay say $20 for a legal photo ID is stiring the poll tax controversy.
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    • Patrick Lucatorto But without it how do you determine if someone is legally allowed to vote? Susie spent a few years working the polls in CA when we lived there. I don't want anyone turned away as long as they are legal citizens of this country. A utility bill does not address that. My state is already absorbing the cost of the federal government not upholding their own immigration laws. But that's a whole different can of worms.
      38 minutes ago · 

    • Eric Steinberg eligibility is determined by registration. voter registration forms are federal and in most cases require a witness. where are the hordes of illegals trying to vote? thats right, they dont exist. why is a small-govt type like you trying to create a whole new federal bureaucracy? just to keep some poor Americans away from the polls? could it be because the GOP thinks they'll vote Obama?
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    • Patrick Lucatorto Come spend a few days in AZ if you really don't think they exist...should I mention ACORN? I just want whomever wins to win legally. If Obama wins a second term God bless him but it won't be with my support. And if you want to talk about cheritable contributions lets compare Mitt to Joe. So much for being against the poor. Have to contimue this another time my friend...off to get things done before I leave for L.A.
      24 minutes ago · 

    • Sean O'Connell The Dems are full of contradictions Pat. They know America needs fiscal management and they show it by staging two nights of a convention in an arena and then moving the party to a stadium. What does this maneuver cost? Four years ago that stunt was part of illustrating a larger movement, but four years later it just is an example of bloat and ego. It just shows the deaf ear they have to stupid spending. BTW they may not be checking ID's to fill that football stadium. And if they do as good a job as the Carolina Panthers do at not filling the seats will the media take note? Will they show us a filled Mile High Stadium of 2008 and a not so filled B of A Stadium. Somehow, I don't think a producer from any network, except maybe Fox, has been assigned to that angle.
      18 minutes ago · 

    • Gayle DePoli It at the time if registration in the town hall or motor vehicle that your ID us checked and you are out in the records. For the most part you vote in your neighborhood and at your schools. The pricess includes checkers and challengers. Anyone with just cause can challenge the vote. Lots if paperwork. City officials do all of the checking through proper proceedures to insure the person is who they say they are. The likelihood if someone knowing who they are us high. Plenty if fraud will come into with early voting. Securing ballots for a longer period if time, etc.
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