Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Mo' pissin' and moanin'

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9 minutes ago
Hey, I didn't like this comment. One more racist comment and you're out brutha. Appreciate ya!

The comment:
Eric Steinberg (June 5, 2013): It's because the President is Black, isn't it?

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Just hoping you'll admit your prejudice, bro. Not that I'm holding my breath- if you deleted my comment because you found it offensive, then you are already quite comfortable with editing things to fit your worldview.
whatever you think Eric, just no room for racist crap with no basis.
see, this topsy-turvy "I'll just redefine things so they mean what I want them to mean" does not reflect well on you. "Racist" means "irrational hatred of an ethnicity"; which pretty much fits your statements about President Obama. What I did is known as "calling someone out for saying something racist".
Note: I am not calling you a racist. I don't think you're really a hateful person.
But the things you've written about President Obama are definitely racist.
They are factually wrong
and they are based in a hatred of his ethnicity.
Ergo, racist.


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