Wednesday, September 05, 2012

What to do when there is no theory

Look, this coy bullshit does not look good on grown adults.  "It could be some other reason", my ASS- Voter ID legislation is a plot cooked up by the GOP and Teabagger Party that is in fact an attempt at Voter suppression.  It is specifically aimed at poor people and people of color, and its primary aim is to disenfranchise those people so that they won't vote for Obama.  It is grounded in a philosophy of White Supremacy, a well-documented long term campaign that started at least many decades ago and is implicity supported by the Republican Party.

Honestly- conservative ideology strikes me as just...dumb, from top to bottom.  About the only things I can at least tentatively agree with are the two ideas of fiscal conservation of public monies and the need for a strong defense.  Otherwise, everything, whether a concept rigorously explained or a talking point glibly disseminated, is complete trash- antisocial, antihuman, anti-American, and stupid.  To me, the smart way to govern (and more importantly, the JUST way) is to share and steward all public resources, and ensure that no citizen goes without basic necessities.  I consider basic necessities to be all the very latest luxuries, by the way, so in at least that regard I personally am in accord with the opening scenes of Plato's Republic.

And that means Socialism.  Nationalize all production, subsidize every worker.  Beyond that, leave the people to their own devices.  But when you eliminate poverty, which is not just possible but essential in a culture like ours,  you have performed a scientific experiment with rigor- you've removed one factor that affects your bottom line in the inscrutable algorithm that controls the Sim City that is your life.  This leaves you free to concentrate on what remains, which, who knows...crime for fun?  Repent, Harlequin....mrmee, mrmee, mrmee................


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