Thursday, August 15, 2013

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  • Wy Knott

    Hey, I want to thank you for your exchange with Canis.
    The transcripts will make for great conversations with psychologist roommates. We just love reading the posts of self deluding sociopathic lairs, you are just a whole bundle of looney.
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  • Eric Steinberg

    You are welcome! But I have a question- why is a narcissist allowed to refer to anyone as a sociopathic liar? It does test the bounds of propriety.....
  • Eric Steinberg

    wait, wait...I get it. You think I'm "racist" against White People. Gosh, if only there were some kind of...I dunno, MOVEMENT or something, that could advocate for the poor White Volks that are having their rights trampled on, you know, like the NAACP except for good honest whiteys. We could call it 'White Power'!
  • Wy Knott

    Oh Eric, that just makes for so much more fun in our remote psychoanalysts game.
    How many different forms of mental defect can we detect in Eric?
    Up to an even dozen before this post, why I bet by the time we have finished we will have enough for a 5150 hearing and commitment. Such fun.
    But just to twist your knickers. No, you are an anti-minority bigot. You have all of the same classic dementia of the pre-war southern slave owner and the pre-civil rights KKK. "The black man needs to be protected and cared for against the evil exploiter of industry and business. They just aren't prepared for the big bad world, so the governement must give them what they need to survive and save themselves from themselves. In order for them to achieve us kindly liberal Democrats must create a new protected status and complete seperate standards for them ."
    How soon before you create new homelands for them?
    Economic segregation much?
  • Eric Steinberg

    cognitive dissonance much? Oh wait- you're not even an American! Please twist my knickers some more. This'll look great on my blog, you can read it here:

    • Eric Steinberg
      oh i get it! you lifted your handle from robert a. heinlein. cute. Here's some advice; the whole "I'm patronizing you with psychoanalysis" thing is a little played. Although I do like how you can construct alternate narratives completely unencumbered by facts or truth.
    • Friday
    • Wy Knott
      Why, yes you do have an extreme case of cognitive dissonance. So glad you at least recognize one of your multiple flaws. They say that admitting your problem is the first step to a cure. Baby step in your case.
      Interesting blog, All that effort to display that you are semi-literate. Good on you.
      Not a handle my real name. A family name of Knott. No lie. My two brothers are named William and Woodrow. Yes Will Knott and Wood Knott.
    • Eric Steinberg
      Ha ha "case of cognitive dissonance"! Projecting much?
    • Eric Steinberg
      I know its tough for you first-year types. Wanting to be taken seriously and all...mebbe you can try using moar dem big woids.
    • Eric Steinberg
      Here's another tip: the whole "im rubber youre glue" thing doesnt really work when you lie about your own racism. Here in the States, no one takes Ann Coulter seriously any more.
      But if youre still pushing white supremacy after youve graduated, we can talk about it. Im here to help.
    • Wy Knott
      Mr. Steinberg; Evidently ignorance cannot be cured by doing basic research.
      I am not a first year, have not been one since my 17th birthday. I stood for my Doctorate 18 months ago. It is Dr. Wyoming Knott, BA, MS, PhD thank you very much.
      I am from York but I currently work in Washington D.C. and you great ignorant twit Dr. Ann Coulter JD is very much considered a power player inside and outside the beltway. I understand that in the Bay Area La-La Land no one pays any attention to reality but seriously get your head out of your alimentary canal.
      The only white supremacy, outside of a few Neo-Nazi and KKK Klowns, can be found in the "Plantation Mentality" of the fascist Democratic Party.
    • Friday
    • Wy Knott
      really? You want to friend me? Why?

Wednesday, August 14, 2013


Trayvon Martin.
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