Monday, December 20, 2004

Allow me to expand...

Excuse me... I'll need a little room here... but my friend CmC is full of shit. Never mind that we effete Ivory Tower bleeding heart liberals just don't get it. Forget (for a moment) that we who live in a city chock full o' fags are completely out of touch with the Heartland of America. It's time for a slight interlude:

Gene Wilder, as The Kid, speaking to Cleavon Little, as Sheriff Bart:
"Salt of the know....morons!"

I digress. Yes, the burning issue is terrorism and what to do about it. But people who trot out the old saw about "not changing generals in midstream" (thank you Yogi Berra) are the types who would be considered excess baggage in combat. Y'ever hear of fragging? A highly effective technique, despite any drawbacks. ABSOLUTELY we should change commanders, if and when those commanders prove themselves to be less than effective. And this "president" is anything but effective in the war on Terror. Public perception to the contrary is only that- perception. The Shrub has but one goal: enriching his cabal of corporate goons, at the expense of John and Jane Taxpayer. It is eminently in his interest to foment a Spectacle (see Situationism) of Terror, a shitstorm of fear and violence, in order to control the emotions of our retarded cousins quivering in the center of the Big Chicken. Of course this "values" bullshit is a farragoe, yet another distraction in the War for the Mind of America. Go on, call me paranoid.

This is all academic now, anyway. The Shrubs' victory is complete: the Diebolds have delivered the verdict they were programmed for, and the White House is still standing, with nary a pitchfork or improvised torch having touched its hallowed tapestries. And there won't be any rock throwing on Inauguration Day, either- all those with little enough common sense to risk their freedom for a trifling thing like the will of the people (should be will o' the wisp, now) have been subdued, either by the Prozac floating down from the chemtrails coming out of those C-130s out of March AFB, or the HAARP emissions coming out of Montauk. Go on, call me paranoid.

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