Sunday, July 24, 2005

I think what you're saying is "Get Over It"

You are right. And this doesn't have to be a "right wing frame of mind"...if the "Left" (and I can remember saying, in 1986, that The Left was dead in America) wants to be taken seriously, it needs to deal with the world as it is. That means that we as taxpayers, no matter what political stripe, are the legal owners of this war. So we'd better be sure we're getting our money's worth! Which brings to mind a thread about covert ops....

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  1. You mean "Al CIA-duh"? The Scorpions? The CIA and MI-6 being trained as terrorists by Mossad? Those "secret-ops"?

    As far as the "left" goes, YOu have two factions. The DLC/Daily Kos/ NPR listening corporate puppets and their paid slaves that are simply Republicans in disguise. i.e. Republican Lite. Or you have old school Zapistista 'pinko commies' that deal in truth. You don't get much representation in the press for the latter, but they are far outnumber the Republican lites of the bourgeouis media.

    Just today, the Daily Howler put out a great piece on just this subject. You should check it out.



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