Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Now you're just being dumb.

come ON, Troy! How about some writing, rather than simply regurgitating the idiotic spew of Mark Steyn (fer Chrissakes! of all the bullshit!). In related news, I'm becoming quite enamored (a little belatedly, I admit) of the Craigslist-derived term fucktard; it's just so darn apt! But apt of whom, you ax? Sadly, of my friend the Crack Emcee....seems his ability to parse fakepollery has been outstripped by the near-infinite capacity of the right wing to whore itself to the latest purveyor of spin. As usual, there aren't any ideas there- just look at the ratio of quoted to unquoted words.


  1. Okay, you're probably the only blogger in history who refused the comment 'Well said' but I'll let it pass.

    If you've been following Crack Emcee's blog, as evidently you have, you'd know that I had a spate of commentary there.

    I don't usually bother with right wingers and their impoverished imagination, lack of understanding, and talent for duplicity, but I couldn't help be fascinated that someone who'd had the benefit of rubbing shoulders with such political individuals as M.Franti and J.Biafra could turn a corner to becoming so wrong-headed.

    I still can't figure it out, but it seems to come down to filtering out any logic which disproves your position, while at the same time banging on about your 'integrity'. It's prime A-grade bullshit of course but there's a lot of that stateside. Otherwise how to explain being unreasonable in support of the execrable Bush while barely giving Obama a chance to do things which are at least noble in the attempt.



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