Tuesday, July 27, 2010

What the fuque, Jon?

The tell here is the phrase "you lefties":  because it's a generalization, it sets up the following phrase about vitriol as invalid, in an attempt to invalidate the emotional truth of what people are feeling.  Jon's initial comment is fake reasonableness.   When he says "perfectly nice" in re: Tucker Carlson, most of us instinctively know that he's talking out of his ass, because Carlson is in fact the farthest thing from "perfectly nice".  Carlson might not have the vehemence of some other right-wing assholes (not-so-Breitbart), but he's something even worse than most of those; a wannabe,  much like Michelle Malkin is an Ann Coulter wannabe.  Further, Carlson is the douche-iest of all wannabes....with his ham-handed stylistic cues (the bow tie, the limp hairlock) he signifies Richie Rich, the Berries-and-Cream Starburst guy, and a soupcon of antiEstablishment hippie longhair.  The cross-purpose-dressing is supposed to let us know that there's an intellectual heavyweight under all that pampered neotony.  But Jon Stewart pulled the curtain back for us on that- all Carlson could do, when Stewart handed him his ass on live TV, was grin stupidly.  

Laura McLean Also too, Andrew Breitbart, Tucker Carlson, and Tom Vilsack are dicks. Horrble, shameful, tiny dicks.

July 20 at 7:53pm ·  · 
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    • Jon Frugoli Tucker Carlson?...Why?...He strikes me as a perfectly nice person, and a respectful and moderate debater. Why the hate?
      July 20 at 8:00pm · 
    • Jon Frugoli Who's Tom Valsack?....never heard of him.
      July 20 at 8:02pm · 
    • Laura McLean Well, in fairness, Tucker's more of a douche.
      July 20 at 8:35pm · 
    • Richard Beres he's a mothertucker!
      July 20 at 9:16pm · 
    • Jon Frugoli What did he say that's got you all so upset?
      July 20 at 9:20pm · 
    • Ob Askin http://www.dailykos.com/storyonly/2010/7/15/884657/-Tucker-Carlson-vs.-Keith-Olbermann:-Master-Of-Your-Domain

      Not nice, not respectful, not moderate.
      Just as much bile as others like Beck, just doesn't drool.
      July 20 at 10:08pm · 
    • Jon Frugoli 
      Gee, you lefties can dish out the vitriol like nobody's business, but you can't handle even the slightest speck criticism - or even a joke - without crying like babies.

      So Tucker Carlson owns KeithOlbermann.com?...I think that's pretty damn...See More
      July 20 at 10:20pm · 
    • Jess Winfield 
      I don't see any lefties crying like babies in this debate. But heeere's a rightie crying like baby when he realizes he's been wrong about gay marriage.


      Just proves that "crying like a baby" is a val...See More
      July 21 at 2:02am ·  ·  1 person
    • Laura McLean 
      I was referring to the gleeful slandering and firing of a woman who not only had done nothing wrong, but whose life's work has been to move beyond racial bounderies and aid poor farmers.

      Breitbart apparently loves to call innocent people of ...See More
      July 21 at 8:25am ·  ·  1 person
    • Rand Stoller John just has a man crush on Carson. Live and let live.
      July 22 at 1:28am · 

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