Thursday, May 02, 2013

    (M) A novel idea. Thanks to Living Blue in a Red State for this.

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    • Gary Sweitzer You're right and it was what that guy needed as he worshiped money. Others of us don't and are giving
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    • Gary Sweitzer Republicans give 40 more to charity, a proven fact. I understand why Democrats want to raise taxes to give to others, they're greedy and feel guilty.
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    • Eric Austensen Gary, doesn't it say somewhere in the bible that man should give 10 or 20 percent to the church (meaning the poor)? Or did the churches just make that up?
    • Geoffrey Howard Yes it does...10% tithes...
    • Geoffrey Howard Eric....much is made up, mutated or borrowed from other ancient cultures, in most of the three newer religions in the region we call the Middle East. They believe in the same god and hate one another. LOL Nothing big though. There are many roads to Rome they say. Each to their own. I love you all!
    • Gary Sweitzer 10% of you Gain. If you don't have any money you can still volunteer at least 10% of your time. Most Catholics don't tithe but I do from my old Protestant days. Lol
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    • Eric Austensen Christianity and Islam are founded in Judaism, Muhammid based his one God theory, along with other Islamic theories, on Judaism. My understanding is the Jews were the first to honor one God. Earlier Paegans had more. That's my understanding. I'd be interested if you think this is incorrect
    • Geoffrey Howard I believe that is incorrect Eric. One has to also consider that the western viewpoint is one that is not clear in relation to other cultures. Paganism is only a definition from the viewpoint from the west. Look at the base word of Pagan and then look a...See More
    • Geoffrey Howard Eric, do you know (of) Akhenaten?
    • Gary Sweitzer Wasn't that one of the Monsters on Ultra Mab? Lol
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    • Geoffrey Howard hahahahahahahaha 
    • Eric Austensen haven't heard of Akhenaten, will look it up tonight if you don't tell me.. But still curious if you know of a religion that honored just one God before the Jews did.
    • Justin Espinoza "Welfare is widely abused"... is an assumption that goes beyond facts. The REAL FACT is that welfare was more widely abused back when the US economy was bustling... and is MUCH LOWER now that the economy is slower, although the filthy rich welfare is at an all time high and corporations are seeing RECORD profits. So your assumptions are weak and baseless.
    • Geoffrey Howard The Jews did not honor just "one" god, just as many people in the history of humanity. If one would believe the fable of "moses" (an Egyptian proto-title/name), one would understand that....and there is not even a record in Egyptian history about any o...See More
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    • Geoffrey Howard There are many good, scholarly sources on monotheism Eric. My favorite is Mazdaism and Zoroastrianism, which had huge influences on Judaism and other belief systems that came in contact with it. I also have a huge interest in Yazidism, which is a very very ancient belief system still practiced in regions of North Iraq, among other places.
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    • Geoffrey Howard Want to understand 'angels' ...look in the direction if Iran and India... 
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    • Geoffrey Howard But remember Eric...Akhenaten was before Ramesses II and if "Moses" did exist, it would have been after Akhenaten. The great Lady of The Two Lands, Nefertiti was Akhenaten's wife. Her bust is in the Museum of Egyptian history in Berlin. Very beautiful.
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    • Geoffrey Howard @ Eric: I might opt to create another thread for our discussion on matters of ancient theology. Hold off on the further postings in regards.
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    • Justin Espinoza All civilizations fall when the gap between rich and poor gets too big.
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    • Eric Steinberg I know I'm late to this party- but Gary, srsly, this whole "wealth creators" thing is stupid. There is a conservative case to be made for MODERATING taxes, but "wealth creators" ain't it. Ask an economist- wealth is created by labor.
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    • Eric Austensen G I watched a show on Netflix called KINGDOM OF DAVID. It was presented by Jewish people and seemed well done. One of the interesting things I got from it is that they stated that the stories in the old testament are probably just stories, handed down over the centures. They stated that Archaeologists have been unable to find any evidence of Moses's exodus from Egypt.
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    • Eric Austensen Eric do you think Bill Gates got rich on labor? I don't. Do you think all these rich real estate people and bankers got rich on labor ? I don't. What about inventors ? Let me guess...they didn't build that.
    • Eric Austensen Justin I believe your statement about welfare to the rich has some truth. I'm still convinced that many Americans feel entitled to take the many forms of social welfare and work the system. Its all around us.
    • Justin Espinoza Many is right... But it's not nearly bad enough to be considered a major problem. Let's talk about the trillion we spend on weapons that we don't need.
    • Eric Steinberg Eric, Bill Gates definitely got rich on labor. Just not his own. According to Marx and Engels, this is the essential nature of capitalism- it exploits the labor of the worker, for the benefit of the bourgeoisie. And yes- no inventor in history ever ...See More
    • Eric Austensen I see it differently. I see that Bill Gates laborers got rich off of his genius and hard work. No Gates, no Microsoft, and the laborers collect unemployment instead. Let's give credit where credit is due ?
    • Eric Steinberg Separate issue: people- Americans, yo!- are absolutely ENTITLED to the benefits that they themselves have paid for. Why you tryin' to cheat Americans out of their fair due? Social welfare benefits us all. Compare Mogadishu with Los Angeles.
    • Eric Steinberg Bill Gates was in the right place at the right time. But you think there's something special about him?
    • Eric Steinberg Eric, do you believe all that Reagan-era claptrap about "welfare queens"?
    • Eric Steinberg Look, Bill Gates might be a bright guy, but he's certainly not a genius. Einstein, Tesla, DaVinci, Newton, Wittgenstein, Goethe, Fermi, Hawking: those are geniuses (genii?). Gates and his first 100 employees have a lot of money now, because they started a business and got lucky with it.
    • Eric Austensen Let me guess... they didn't build that LOL
    • Eric Steinberg damn straight! they benefitted from a system, and society, that existed long before any of them were even born.
    • Eric Steinberg Microsoft is a particularly egregious example, that supports my position. Its product is software- and not especially good software at that.
    • Eric Steinberg How has Microsoft benefitted society?
    • Eric Steinberg Has Windows 95 helped eliminate hunger, disease, war?
    • Eric Steinberg So why would you consider Bill Gates a genius?
    • Eric Steinberg The fact is that he is a fair-to-middling hacker. Not a pejorative; I'm sure he would agree.
    • Eric Steinberg The only thing that makes him different than you and I is the giant pile of money he is sitting on.
    • Eric Steinberg Therefore: he got lucky. No genius required.
    • Eric Steinberg The takeaway here is that Bill Gates is no different than anyone else. Therefore, the fair, and American, thing to do is to support social welfare. Because the next Bill Gates could be anyone, and everyone deserves at least a chance to get there. And those that got lucky should definitely contribute more of their big slice of pie, because their luckiness was made possible by the labor of all of the rest of us.
    • Eric Austensen Wake up to reality. We are 17 trillion in debt, the govt is printing trillions of dollars. We can't afford socialism. Its right in front of you. can't you see it? Its a wonderful idea, govt. taking care of everyone...but it doesn't work. And it does...See More
    • Eric Steinberg Did you go to a public school? Then you took govt assistance. Drive on a public road? Govt Assistance. Go to the library? Take Amtrak, or fly? But this stuck-up attitude of "I never took assistance"? THAT contributes to the downfall of this country.
    • Eric Steinberg We can't afford to NOT increase the level of socialism. We are in debt because Fat Cats have hoarded wealth, and avoided paying taxes.
    • Eric Steinberg We're in debt because we floated a check for two wars, to the tune of a billion a day.
    • Eric Steinberg You wanna relieve debt? That's fine- boost some poor folk up, get 'em some good union-protected jobs so they can feed their families and pay taxes themselves.
    • Eric Austensen The subject was social welfare, which is not ^. In any case, you govt. lovers better figure something out because you are seriously fucking up this country. Don't feed me that war line. That was 2 trillion dollars over 12 years.
    • Eric Steinberg No, it's you gummint-haters, that don't understand basic math, that are fucking things up.
    • Eric Steinberg What astonishes me is that someone like you, who I assume does not have 100 million in the bank, still thinks that sucking the dick of the rich will do anything at all for the average American.
    • Eric Steinberg Debt is not the problem, anyway. Failing infrastructure and lack of opportunity is.

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