Monday, July 15, 2013

  • Conversation started today
  • Canis Scot
    yep, I read your racist lying rant before True pulled the thread.
  • Eric Steinberg
    calm down, shithead. My credentials are at least equal to yours, but my point is the same: the law is morally reprehensible, and racist in intent and effect.
  • Eric Steinberg
    and here's a tip: your "bonafides" don't mean shit. What keeps a person from being racist is not how many black friends you've got, or how long you've lived in the ghetto. It's your ability to identify with those that don't look like you. If you made efforts to advocate for Trayvon's rights as strenuous as you did for GZ's, then you might not be a racist.
  • Canis Scot
    No thanks shit for brains;
    Your credentials went down the drain when you uttered the words racist.
    The law in it's intent is neutral, the law in it's utilization is neutral, the prosecution was reprehensible and the deliberate abuse of power to assuage the black community at the expense of integrity of the system was racist.
    And so are you.
  • Canis Scot
    And yet again, I point out that Zimmerman is a mixed race American.
    Martin's rights were self suspended when he attacked Zimmerman. It is your bigotry showing.
  • Eric Steinberg
    Dude, you're living in a fantasy world. "Self suspended"? You are the bigot here. You're doing a huge amount of work to defend a lie: the truth is that GZ was the aggressor.
  • Canis Scot
    LOL, yet it is you that are vocally denigrating people based on race, it is you that is completely ignoring over 200 pages of testimony of testimony and forensic evidence and you that continues to deny the decision rendered by 6 jurors. But I am in the fantasy world. Yeah I now completely understand.
  • Eric Steinberg
    how have I denigrated anyone?
  • Canis Scot
    OMFG, you are so deeply in denial that you can't see it?
  • Eric Steinberg
    yeah, please explain.
    am I not "white power" enough for you?
  • Canis Scot
    Eric Steinberg Canis Scot said: "The system failed to educate Martin that he cannot attack people without consequences." Ah, no: the Florida "justice system" succeeded there, in a very permanent way. And the contortions you white-supremacist types go through to defend GZ and this law are grotesque.
    damned with your own words. Now kindly fuck off. Done dealing with you.
  • Eric Steinberg
    okay, internet-tough-guy. I guess I denigrated you by calling you a white supremacist. A lawyer would say that fact is an affirmative defense against libel. But never mind that; don't chicken out. You state above that the law is neutral, I disagree. I have never said, nor implied, that GZ was a racist; what I say is that the law is racist, in intent and effect. It was crafted by ALEC, specifically for the purpose of creating situations like that in Sanford, FL. And specifically for the purpose of making white folks afraid of black folks, and vice-versa.
  • Eric Steinberg
    And on those points it has succeeded.
    But if you're not a bigot, why do you feel the need to say things like this:
    Canis Scot Happy? Not hardly. The system failed. The system failed to educate Martin that he cannot attack people without consequences.
    Are you in charge of "educating" young black guys?
    What else do "they" need to be educated about? Not to whistle at a white woman? (that's a reference to Emmett Till, btw).
    gotta educate 'em to show proper respect to their betters?
    larnin', so's they won't be so uppity?
    I'm glad you're so concerned about Trayvon's education.
    that's snark, btw.

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