Monday, July 15, 2013

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  • From the parent organization of Neighborhood Watch, the National Sheriff's Organization, from their manual- "Patrol members should be trained by law enforcement. It should be emphasized to members that they do not possess police powers and they shall not carry weapons or pursue vehicles. They should also be cautioned to alert police or deputies when encountering strange activity. Members should never confront suspicious persons who could be armed and dangerous. Patrol members can be equipped for their duties. For example, flashlights or searchlights are necessary for night patrols. Many mobile patrols use cell phones or two-way radios to contact a citizen-manned base station, which in turn contacts law enforcement officials when necessary." During the patrols I did in Neighborhood watch, we were told NOT to carry weapons. And there is no reason why Zimmerman, if truly threatened could not have carried pepper spray or a stun gun, etc. Attitudes and Gun laws in our nation need to change. Especially in Florida.
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    • Linda Nicola There was mo Neighborhood Watch. There was Zimmerman...self-appointed Captain of a non-existant Watch fighting criminals armed with Skittles hiding behind invisible bushes.
    • Susan Fox Maybe that's a good reason for RJ's obsession with fancy dress. Nobody is going to mistake him for a robber. A highwayman, perhaps.
    • Ciarán Ó Doċartaiġ 1 mace would not have stopped him from getting his head beaten through the concrete. 2 skittles and a soft drink are apparently 2/3 ingredients for a drug Martin's phone records indicate he used, which would explain why he was out in "f###ing cold rain", and makes him not look so innocent as that out of date picture implies
    • Robert Seutter Ciarán pepper spray to the face at that range will do yah.
    • Ciarán Ó Doċartaiġ I might, or it might not. Also, that would have required more aiming than can easily be done while being beaten by someone sitting on your chest Trying To Kill You
    • Robert Seutter Strangely still not buying it.
    • Ciarán Ó Doċartaiġ you don't have to, but that doesn't change the fact that All the available evidence supports Zimmerman's account of things
    • Chris Taylor-Caitlin How about the evidence that Zimmerman armed himself with a gun and pursued an unarmed kid at night? Said kid had no gun and no drugs. Kid defended himself. He was unarmed -- and he got shot. Drugs in his system at that time? Your evidence comes from where? This is Zimmerman's fault.
    • Eric Steinberg Ciaran, you are full of shit. The very worst Trayvon might have done was administer a beating. Deadly force was not justified.
    • Linda Nicola 1. No evidence that Zimmerman's head was ever bashed against concrete. His head shows no evidence of it, just a little road rash. No bruising, no cracked skull, no concussion. 2. So any one that buys candy and drink are druggies? 3. Pot use in t...See More
    • Ciarán Ó Doċartaiġ 1 neither is there any evidence Zimmerman was in any way in violation of the law. 2. when their own text messages express drug use? yeah, actually. 3 nice straw man 3a. do you mean to tell me that there was any evidence of him having dinner something Illegal that would have justified Martin jumping on him and beating him while he was down?
    • Robert Seutter Ciaran- Zimmerman was part of no organized trained neighborhood watch. The Dispatcher specifically told him the did not need him to follow him. Zimmerman chose to carry a lethal weapon, and to follow, (essentially stalk Trayvon). Should Trayvon have j...See More
    • Ciarán Ó Doċartaiġ did the person who kicked your butt express an intention to kill you as Martin allegedly did? because that makes a Bit of a difference
    • Robert Seutter Here's the difference Ciaran- Zimmerman was not defending himself in his home, from a weapon wielding aggressor. "Deadly Force: That Force which is reasonably known to cause death, or serious bodily harm, to be used only as a last resort, when all othe...See More
    • Canis Scot True, self defense does not required that you be in any specific location. False assumptive arguement.
    • Ciarán Ó Doċartaiġ what you seem willfully refusing to accept is that there is Clear Evidence that Zimmerman was facing deadly force when he was on his back beating beaten by Martin, and that there is Zero evidence (that I'm aware of) that Zimmerman used Any force prior to being told that he was "going to die"
    • Robert Seutter Conditional Arguement- While Florida may have allowed the idiot to have a carry permit, he had little or no training in the application of deadly force, and had many alternatives. Generally speaking, most people assume that using deadly force is a situ...See More
    • Robert Seutter I'm done discussing this btw. As always, I will agree to disagree, and wish you all well.
    • Ciarán Ó Doċartaiġ I am disappointed that you choose to leave the argument immediately following it being pointed out that Martin was applying deadly force First
    • Canis Scot While there are many alternatives, that has always been a given, the victim of the attack (Zimmerman) has the moral, legal and ethical right to choose.

      I agree that Zimmerman made some poor choices but Martin negated all of those choices when he deci
      ...See More
    • Robert Seutter Ciaran- Trayvon jumped an armed man and payed for it with his life. Zimmerman was a wannabe douche-nozzle who had no business carrying a gun, and made some seriously bad decisions motivated by his own inadequacies. We will see this scenario played out...See More
    • Linda Nicola We don't know that Treyvon even jumped Zimmerman.
    • Canis Scot Happy? Not hardly. The system failed. The system failed to educate Martin that he cannot attack people without consequences. The system failed to insure that Zimmerman competently understood the limitations of his responsibilities as a Neighborhood Wat...See More
    • Canis Scot Linda, the testimony and the evidence was very clear, read the trial transcripts. Martin attacked Zimmerman.
    • Eric Steinberg Canis Scot said: "The system failed to educate Martin that he cannot attack people without consequences." Ah, no: the Florida "justice system" succeeded there, in a very permanent way. And the contortions you white-supremacist types go through to defend GZ and this law are grotesque.
    • Eric Steinberg Actually, the words I was looking for are "morally reprehensible". The "Stand Your Ground" law is morally reprehensible. Using Florida law to defend this killing is doubly so. The law was promulgated by NRA and ALEC and is racist, in intent and effect. Not to mention affect.
    • Robert Seutter Okay....we keep it civil on my comment list at least...otherwise I delete it. Nothing get's changed if we insult one another. I have friends who are arch conservatives, super-lefties, and everthing in between, above and below. If you please, or I just delete the whole thing, and we go on about our lives. Thanks!
    • Eric Steinberg Sorree! I withdraw my crack......
    • Canis Scot Eric, your bigotry is showing. As a teacher with 20 years in 100% minority schools in south central LA, a career Army Officer/NCO who served in 100% integrated units, as a mixed race American and a father to a Chinese born daughter I am very competent when I label you as such. By the way Zimmerman is also a mixed race American.
    • Robert Seutter And that's me pulling the plug.....have a nice day, and share some non-lethal hugs, shall we? Cheers
    • Eric Steinberg I am equally competent: former Marine, been in ghettos all over the world, lived and worked all over L.A. including South Central and Compton. The plain fact is that it is morally reprehensible to shoot someone, just to avoid a beating.
    • Eric Steinberg And Zimmerman was clearly the aggressor. I have not called GZ a racist; I doubt he has ever thought deeply about such things. What is racist is the Stand Your Ground law.
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